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Textile Rental…

A closed-loop system!



Sustainable per se.


In hotels and restaurants, the use of resources and, consequently, the potential for sustainable solutions is high. Re-use, repair and recycling are helpful tools in this endeavour.

Our business concept of ‚better rent than buy‘ is based on a return system and, therefore, has a high sustainability level. No longer usable textiles and equipment are returned. We apply repair, recycling or upcycling concepts to re-use textiles sensibly.

We prefer high quality to low prices and purchase almost exclusively products of European origin, produced at reliable standards and always readily available. In so doing, we combine flexible services with a high sense of responsibility and environmental protection. Longstanding business relations to suppliers, employees and customers round out the picture.

Let‘s work together for the future!

Sustainability is not an annoying eco-debate but a
decisive factor for a successful overall business concept.

Markus Greif, CEO