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Saving for tomorrow.


Scientific achievements and sophisticated infrastructure facilitate an intelligent use of resources in daily business. Thoughtless waste certainly should be a thing of the past.

We combine optimum washing results with active environmental protection. Sophisticated, computerised processes employing recycling mechanisms reduce the consumption of water and energy considerably. Industrial processing necessitates a water consumption of only 3 to 5 litres per kilogram of laundry whereas private households use up to 15 litres. This ratio is basically equal as far as energy consumption is concerned. We abstain from using chloric solvents. In general, the required amount of detergents used is by far lower than in private households. All these measures preserve water resources, soil and air. Consequentially, we also use low-emission vehicles in our service-car fleet. Join us and let‘s invest into the environment together.

Let‘s save voluntarily today for tomorrow!

Environmental management ISO 14001

We are certified in accordance with ISO 14001, an integrated environmental management system.

Stefan Unucka, Operation Manager